Kpop vs KHip Hop

I have many friends who like Kpop for straight out and some for the Hip Hop. People like Verbal Jint and SanE. But many of them can't distinguish one from another. What do you prefer? Hip Hop, Cosmopolitan/Fusion, or straight out Kpop?

KPop There are certainly many Kpop groups who represent the Hallyu culture to the world. Famous ones include SNSD, f(x), APink etc, and usually represent a cute or girly concept. We can't forget about the guy groups like Teen Top, Shinee, UKISS, B.A.P andany others. Although these groups sometimes portray a upbeat tone and a different type of music, they don't usually fall under Hip Hop for they usually are vocally focused and the beat, tempo, and or subject matter falls more into the regular pop music genre. This doesn't exactly mean they can't to Hip Hop, although many don't pursue it.

CosmopolitanxFusion Groups who can do Hip Hop and Pop music are such cosmopolitan groups they are usually incredibly famous. 4Minute isn't exactly Khiphop however, HyunA and LE's collaboration song, Blacklist, is considered as Hip Hop, and thus makes them a semi cosmopolitan group. Against common belief, Big Bang actually isn't Hip Hop. They are more pop leaning on the Hip Hop like style, but subunit GD&TOP is definitely Hip Hop as defined by Zutter and other members like Taeyang in the Infinity Challenge HwangTaeJi unit can also pull off Hip Hop almost flawlessly. Rookie group Winner and Trainee Team B/iKon also can pull off both genres flawlessly.


Hip Hop Korean Hip Hop is definitely one of the best things that I've ever heard. Unpretty rapstar and Show Me The Money are two of the most famous Hip Hop programs. Illionaire, Brand New, AOMG, High Ground are some of the best companies with representing rappers like Dok2, Jay Park, Loco, Beenzino, Geeks, Giriboi and SanE. Of you haven't listened to them you're missing out. Underground rappers usually steal the show when it comes to Hip Hop, but some idols can also be true rappers, like Bobby from iKon. Great rappers to start from are Basick, Vasco, Swings and SanE. they won't disappoint. Turn Up!

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