Ultimate Bias Day!!

Shin Jiho!!!!! I love him so much!! He is my life and means the world to me. ❤

He has that cool-guy-if-looks-could-kill exterior and I love that. (I've always been one to fall for the bad boys.) He seems really quiet and sometimes camera shy...

but once he's on stage ALL eyes are on him and it's clear he enjoys it.

His smile makes my heart melt. EVERY time I see it! Literally... *looks at puddle on the floor* He's truly beautiful and perfect in every possible way.

And he can be SSSOOOO adorable!! Can't deny the fact that he's part of the maknae line! (HE'S STILL OLDER THAN ME BY 9 DAYS)

Back in February I had the amazing opportunity to see Topp Dogg live. It was the greatest night of my life as it was my VERY FIRST concert and me and my best friend got FRONT ROW! And I got to see my UB group! Pictures 2-5 are screen shots from videos I took because of course I recorded the entire concert. (I wish I could add them to this card but it won't let me.) As for the last 2 pics... I Googled Topp Dogg Miami and found these pics and right now I'm freaking out because that's me (on the right) and my best friend (on the left) and I still can't believe it was real even though I have proof that we were there and oh my gosh I need to use punctuation! I'm sorry. Got a bit (a lot) carried away. Also, I'm sorry about the quality of those concert pics. The phone that I had at the time didn't have the greatest sound or video quality...


So that's it! I truly apologize for this long card and for my rambling! But now all of you know who my UB is and know just how much I can talk.

Kpop is my life. Fangirling is how I survive.
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