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Yes you read right. I had gotten home from buying a new printer since the old one was well old and I started texting with my ex boyfriend (yes,we're pretty good friends). I was telling him how excited I am now that I can make Kpop stickers and stick 'em on my computer and notebooks. Jokingly he told me to stop fangirling and I told him, "you think I chose the fangirling life!? No I didn't,it's all a trap Moises (that's his name). Once you give even five minutes of your time to Kpop you never get out." So he thought I was exaggerating and I sent him links to Dope,Boy in Luv and War of Hormones. Surprisingly he loved Dope and got into it and he blamed me for wanting to see a little more. I was in shock that he liked it but I kinda expected it because he's an otaku so it wouldn't be something weird or new to him. I'm just glad that my plan to convert people into kpopers is slowly working -devilish smile- Sorry it was long but I wanted to share.

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