Proud Sister

So something positive that's happened in the past few days! My little brother came out to me! (That's him below💕) we're only a few years apart (about 4) but we've always had similar tastes in things and always borrowed each other's clothes and things and I've suspected for a while (since he was 13) that's something was up. But he came out to me as bisexual and having some female tendencies (hence him borrowing my clothes in the pic as well as the make up I helped him with) but I'm just so proud of him for finally trusting me enough to tell me and my boyfriend. Apparently he's been holding these feelings in since he was 12! And my other brothers use to be so cruel to him for borrowing my things! Hopefully now he'll be able to deal with the rage and depression he's built up over time! This gives me so much hope and I'm so proud to be his big sister! Keep pushing on guys! There's a light at the end of the tunnel!

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