Ultimate bias

So I took the concept of this card from@PassTheSuga ( http://www.vingle.net/posts/1041023?shsrc=v) since I don't have an ultimate bias, never have and probably never will (it's because of the bias wreckers). I am aware that I'm a day late, but originally I wasn't going to participate in this at all.

Here's what I'm basing this off of.

The original bias: Taeyang My relationship with kpop has been on and off for around 7 or 8 years now. The first time I heard of Big Bang was six years ago and I fell. Hard. For who? Taeyang, youngbae, sol, whatever you want to call him. He was my original bias and therefore holds a very special space in my heart.

My husband: G Dragon Then along came this guy. He swept me off of my feet and has yet to put me down. I remember feeling awful when I started watching videos of big bang for jiyong instead of my bias Taeyang. I'm sorry youngbae, I still love you, but gd is my husband.

The one I thought I would never stan: Jay Park I met this one friend during one of the times where I "was done with kpop" and she was OBSESSED with Jay Park. He was her husband bias. My friends and I did this weird thing where we came up with a family tree in which we were all related and she always wrote down that Jay was her husband. I was the adopted child whose husband cheated on her (long story). Anyways, she talked about Jay so much that I started to hate him. Then I started listening to kpop again and eventually got into khiphop and I now see why she used to like him so much (she thinks he's gone all ghetto now).


The home wreckers: Onew, key, jonghyun I love all of Shinee. they're one of the groups that I can't pick a bias, but these three really give gd a run for his money. Onew: He's adorably clumsy, his smile makes my heart flutter, and he loves eating chicken as much as I do. There's really no words to describe how much I like him. Key: He's sassy and I absolutely love it. I feel like if I were to witness one of his sassy moments I would be extremely intimidated since I'm just a hidden sass master, but at the same time I would feel strangely honored. I love it when he laughs because it makes me laugh too. Jonghyun: Even though I don't have a bias in shinee, he is my bias wrecker. He's just too charming and sexy and his voice is like honey and I'm totally having a fangirl moment as I'm typing.


The bias wreckers: Jonghyun (above), Beenzino, Jackson, Suga, Mino Beenzino: I love him. that's all I can say. There are too many reasons why for me to bother explaining how much I like him. If you're a fan then you probably already know how I feel. Jackson: I can actually name some of the reasons why Jackson is my bias wrecker: sass, adorableness, variety king. I'm so sorry Junior, but sometimes Jackson knocks you off the bias list. It's ok though since you always win back your spot. Suga: Suga is my freaking spirit animal. At first he was my least favorite in bts but eventually I realized how much he and I have in common. Plus he has his share of adorable and funny moments as well. Mino: Song Minho. Honestly, the other winner members didn't even have a shot at becoming my bias because of this guy. I've followed them ever since win and my heart broke for Mino when he got injured and ended up giving up his position as leader since he was so excited about it and even asked zico for advice. He looks so tough and charismatic and he is, but he's also a total softy. During winner tv when taehyun played that prank he was so serious and leader like. There's this video on YouTube (I'll link it below) of team b's performance of climax and the way Mino broke down afterwards showed how much he cared about the team b members and how sorry he felt. Btw when I say that Mino is my bias wrecker I mean that he makes me question my love for everyone that I mentioned in this card. He is the ultimate bias wrecker.

Here's the video I was talking about. I remember when I first watched this a cried for like an hour but you probably have to watch this right after watching WIN like I did in order for that to happen.

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