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My name is Alexis, but I called be called by 'Twin' (because I have a twin sister, Mastermind Enoshima Alicia) or 'Lex' (Not Lex Luthor). The meaning behind my username is that I'm always happy, being on the go, and sometimes being lucky. Then I added my name so that happened. I'm from Wilson, North Carolina but born in Greenville, North Carolina. I'm 17. I'm a Sagittarius ♐ I think a few months because I got into KPOP in early-late May. My favorite things about KPOP is the concept and their music videos. It's like heaven. My favorite group is VIXX. (I have more favorite groups.) My Ultimate Bias is Jung Taekwoon or Leo from VIXX. (I like Jimin from BTS....) My Social Media ✴ Twitter -@Jiminaleo ✴ Facebook - Alexis Marie Davis ✴ Instagram -@HappyGLAlexis ✴ Vine - Jimints {previously Alexis (Team Krisis)/Jiminaleo} ✴ Kik - alexismaried14 ✴ KakaoTalk and LINE - HappyGoLuckyAlexis

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