Happiness Is Not One Size Fits All; Fat Shamming is Real

So you would think that women would unite together, say screw the impossible standards that our bodies are scrutinized under and support each other, right?

Too bad the support ends once people (who aren't ever health care professionals) deem a human being too "unhealthy" and "obese" for common human decency.

And that my friends is what we call fat shaming.

Fat Shaming [noun] : the unkind and usually public criticism of someone for being overweight.


Recently comedian Nicole Arbour posted a video entitled "Dear Fat People"

I'm sorry but WHAT?!

This hateful, public video criticizing and making fun of fat people is the very definition of fat shaming and if you don't believe me see above definition.

Unfortunately this video has racked up more than 18 million views and 177,000 likes on Facebook alone.

Whitney Thorehas come to the rescue of insecure women everywhere who don't find anything funny in this fat shaming, cyber bulling video attempting to be passed off as comedy.

Check out her perfect response video here and watch her flawlessly shred every single cruel statement Arbour made.

Thore's response has more than 10.2 million views and nearly 180,000 likes on Facebook and counting! I will share this video till forever.

But seriously, here are 3 very important things to come out of this video!

they are just as common in skinny people! You can not tell someone's health just by looking at them!

however the shaming begins once healthy isn't the correct size for her.

And this is the most importantStudies show fat shaming and "funny videos motivating fat people" (eye roll), do the opposite of motivate.


So think about that before finding body shaming of any kind funny, because you might have one person laughing at the joke but you will force way more people then that further into recluse.

to remind everyone that she loves them and they are perfect and beautiful and that happiness isn't reserved for a certain size waist.

All I can say is a very eloquent Fuck Off to Nicole Arbour.

Oh, and she isn't sorry at all about what she said. She makes that quite clear.

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