*not my video, used for listening purposes only From the 2013 action drama Two Weeks (투윅스) comes our recommendation this week: the beautiful power rock anthem Run by Nell. Nell is a rock band from South Korea who has been in the industry since the late 90's, and is currently with Woolim Entertainment.

Two Weeks is known as one of the best action dramas to date, and when I looked it up, seems to hit about every genre known to man (minus comedy because...let's face it, it seems too intense to be comedic but I could be wrong). The story is about the main lead Tae San's desperate attempt to save his daughter (who he didn't know existed) who is suffering from Lukemia, and the story spans, you guessed it, two weeks. Lee Jun Ki, Park Ha Sun, Kim So Yun, Jo Jung Eun, and Ryu Soo Young are listed as our main cast and my sister said that this drama is what exploded Jun Ki's acting career. I just love how a man so beautiful can play an action star. He is quite talented. Also his Instagram is a delight.

Okay let's get to the OST. As I mentioned before, I haven't seen the drama. And sadly, neither has my sister. So what I understand from my little amount of research, it's action, and it's sad. Just look at those photos of Jun Ki's character and the daughter. Rip. My. Heart. Out. But anyway... I have heard the song. And holy crap you guys. It's good. Like really really good. Now, I think it's the prechorus that gets me the most, where the lead singer sort of does a slight chant kind of thing, talk singing if you will, coupled with the melodic backtrack and electronic music, and then it explodes into the chorus that is just so powerful. No wonder this song is attached to an action drama because I could see it being used in a superhero blockbuster film just as easily. As the songs chorus states *translation taken from popgasa thank you* "I fall and break everyday I hold onto my scar which didn’t even have time to heal As I run through the darkness endlessly" From what I've read about the drama, it goes perfectly. Tae San is always in a bad walk of life, and then he finds out about this daughter he thought was never born, and now he is just running, trying, not being able to heal from the past that really caused him to not be able to be a real father to his daughter. I dunno, I'm going to have to pump myself up to watch this cause it looks awesome, but for now I have this amazing song.

Alright you guys. If you know the drama better than I do, definitely put your feelings about the song and drama in the comments! Have you seen Two Weeks? What do you feel about the song?


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