The Real Me

Hi, I'm Lilith Rose, but everyone calls me Lili, Otter, Taco, or Taiji! I am 21 going on 35, and I live in Ohio (If you do the stupid OSU cheer where you spell out Ohio, I'll kill you)!

(this is a picture drawn by one of my best friends from high school, find me!)

I am still pretty child-like. Some of my favorite shows include Mr. Rogers and Arthur because sometimes, you just don't want to adult.

(I found this on the Mr. Rogers PBS Kids website and decided to color it using photoshop.

I really enjoy photoshop, I actually went to school for Digital Media and Design.

I also really enjoy photography, I take my Nikon literally everywhere I go!

(this is one of my favorite pictures, this was taken in 2011 at a creek by my house during my first adventure with my best friend Jeremy)

I love music and concerts, my favorite performer so far has to be Ben Folds!

I love Seo Taiji, and I'm getting his new live album for Christmas (I'm so excited!)

I also have a small collection of around 26 records, most of these were gifts from friends and family.

I can be a major fangirl at times, I'm even designing my room after Seo Taijis Quiet Night album (I'm moving at the end of next month)!

(also pictured: a picture that shows my obsession with Heo Youngsaeng and my piggy bunnies)

I'm a pretty big nerd, I love Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman, The Avengers, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, LOTR, The Twilight Zone, and many other things.

My favorite movie is the Thai movie Yes Or No! I have probably watched the first two at least 100 times each, and I just found an english sub of Yes or No 2.5, so I'm going to finish this card right now so I can go watch it! Bye!

I was tagged by@AimeeH and I tag@simplysam12 and@TBryant

I'm Lili, you can call me anything you want. I'm also a huge Kpop nerd.
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