I'm Sorry

I was happy when I first started Kpop it was my whole world something the I couldn't live without. It was a new thing for me, I even promised myself to never let Kpop go no matter what.

I was always fangirling by myself I never had anyone to talk to about and if I just blurted one thing about Kpop, they would look at me weird. And by they I mean my family. I thought at first that it was okay they are going to get used to my music. it's been almost a year now and they still criticize me. Even if I don't bring Kpop up, they always manage a way to make fun of me.

Now I am crying while doing this because this is my goodbye to my Kpop world and kdrama. that includes my fanfiction, vingle, and any other Kpop relating. It hurts too much doing this because I'm going to go back to my old boring self. I'm going to miss this so much, but I guess this is the best for me and to end the suffering...right?

So that's it I know I hardly talk to you people actually not at all but somehow came across you in some comments but literally your cards will always be locked up inside my heart.@kpopandkimchi@VixenViVi and@ninachan

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