Oh My God! I'm so excited!

Ok...some of you know that I just got home from living in Korea for 18 months and made some amazing friends there. I had the privelage of getting to experience the real Korea through them and that is how I came to know and love kpop, kdramas, Korean foods and language... Well, one of my friends that I never got the chance to meet in person is now here in America going to school just a few hours away, so I invited her to my house to have Thanksgiving with me and my family. Meanwhile another of my friends told me of one of her close friends who is here for school... same school as my friend. She was having a hard time adjusting to being here so I offered to introduce her to my friend for support but it turned out, they already met and are great friends. So I told her she can bring her for Thanksgiving too...She is also going to bring a friend from Japan. So now I get to cook for all of them and give back some of the hospitality I was shown in Korea... I'm so happy!

I fell in love with most things Korean when I had the privilege of living there for 18 months
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