Come On Caitlyn Jenner, You Should Know Better Then That.

some of her beliefs are still very confusing.Which is why it is unfortunately unsurprising that Caitlyn's response on marriage equality honestly leaves a lot to be desired.

Like, what the fuck Caitlyn Jenner?

Traditions and beliefs that are ground into your childhood brain are hard to ignore.

However, equality in marriage really should be a no brainer.

But here is where the problem actually begins. Caitlyn told Ellen that:

‘I don’t ever want to stand in front of anybody’s happiness.’ That’s not my job, okay? If that word – ‘marriage’ – is really, really that important to you, I can go with it."

Hate to break it to you Caitlyn, but it is marriage equality is your fucking job.As the first EVER transgendered to have an entire show broadcasted to the world to show the trials and triumph of transitioning to the world IT IS YOUR JOB TO CARE.IT IS YOUR JOB TO STAND UP FOR YOUR COMMUNITY!

And has the most talked about transperson ever, it is your fucking job to make sure the right message is being broadcasted.

because if you continue to spew bullshit that is "traditionalist" and borderline intolerant of the community you are suppose to be representing, you will single handedly take the world back generations every hour your show airs.

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