Bieber's New Hair is Atrocious

Please explain to me what hairstyle trend this is.

Justin Bieber debuted a new haircut which shocked the millions of fans tuning into his Today Show performance on Thursday, Sept. 10. The hair was bleached, bold, and shockingly reminding everyone of the early 2000's emo style. It's easily one of the most unflattering haircuts known to man but Bieber is sticking by his scalp representing an entire new image.

So far Bieber has learned how to reinvent himself. Maybe a new PR team perhaps? He's more mature, kinder, and doesn't seem as comparable to a punk. His songs, "Where Are You Now" (by Diplo) and "What Do You Mean" have soared to the top of the charts across the globe. "What Do You Mean" recently beat One Direction as the fastest song to hit the top of Spotify's Top 100 and racking up a serious amount of plays. It was also the fastest single to reach number one on iTunes in the history of Apple. He's finally showing that he's back and stronger than ever.

Okay Canada, I guess we don't have to deport him from the USA.


However there is still some signs of rebellion left within the pop star. During a commercial break, "Today" caught him complaining that it was pointless for him to dance since the cameraman was so close to Bieber in the same spot on the stage. However, I'm sure Bieber will say that he was just annoyed and didn't mean to offend. He did perform for free however it's great publicity so he shouldn't have thrown a tantrum. Words count, Bieber.

What do you think of Justin Bieber today?

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