Asado (Argentinian BBQ)

Trying to figure to how to celebrate the cap of summer? A barbecue will do. But not just any barbecue -- an Argentinian barbecue.

"Asado" is a cooking technique used by Argentinians. The term may also be used to describe a popular social event in Argentina. Same concept as the English word "barbecue." The meats used in this barbecue primarily made up of cured meats, which include sausages. Of course, other meats can be thrown over the fire -- like ribs and steak.


Some Things You Should Know About "Asado"

1) The meats are cooked over a low fire. You should barbecue these meats slowly.

2) Other foods are served, like sweetbreads, salads, and grilled vegetables.

3) It's a social event. So eat and be social!

4) Meats from Argentina are ah-mazing!

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