Take a spring "break" from sugary alcoholic beverages

Spring break is right around the corner! Whether your plans take you to a sandy beach or a hammock in your backyard, don’t let this break from the workload destroy your healthy lifestyle. Drinks loaded in sugar pack on extra calories that help the body retain fat. Bright colors and fun mini umbrellas make these drinks inviting. But just like frogs,more color means more danger. Don’t let your diet undergo death by beverage. Long Island Iced Tea, Mai Tai’s, and Margaritas are tasty, but unfortunately the sugary mix in these mixed drinks will kill your diet, and eventually your figure. Get the Facts The body burns the alcohol off first, leaving the sugar to be stored as fat. And when the munchies attack? Well, they go straight into fat as well; all thanks to your body running on alcohol as a temporary energy source. Healthy Alternatives You can enjoy a good drink without the sugar overload. A vodka tonic or a vodka and club soda are always safe choices. Liquor will undoubtedly add calories, but as long as the amount is low, you only concern should be the mixer. Both tonic and club soda are low calorie additions. By: Teresa Vogelpohl

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