No Sew Placemat Clutch - DIY

Clutches are my weakness! Are you the same way? So, when I found this cute clutch on Damask Love, I just about cried with joy! Yes, it's true. This super easy diy is going to keep you busy making clutches for your girlfriends, your friends and family, and several for yourself. Have fun with this idea and make it your own!

Supplies Needed:

Round Placemat

Magnetic Snaps

Bull clips (binder clips or clothespins will also work).

Hot glue gun

assorted fringes and trimmings

1. Fold in the sides of the placemat and clip down with bull clips

2. Squeeze a good amount of hot glue as shown…

3. Press down the glued area until secure (then repeat the hot gluing on the other side)

4. When both sides are glued down, fold up the bottom of the placemat as shown.

5. Clip down the folded flap then add glue underneath as shown. Do this on both sides

6. Place the bull clips over the glued area to allow it to dry securely

7. Follow the directions of the magnetic snaps and secure then into place. You just need to push the clasp portion of the snap through the placemat and pinch them into place. It’s not hard. Promise.

8. Okay – now you see where I’ve placed those two little bull clips in the top corners? Place a teeny bit of hot glue in those folds and then placed the bull clips there to allow the glue to dry. This keeps those folded corners neatly in place and makes for a more professional look.

9. Easily the most fun part of all: Play around with fun fringes and trimmings to dress up your clutch. Use a pretty fringe underneath the top flap and then hot glued the other fringes on top. Make sure you use enough trimming to cover up that magnetic snap.

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