Rob Gronkowski And Other NFL Stars Read Their ‘Tonight Show’ Superlatives

In honor of the upcoming NFL season, Jimmy Fallon and team decided to take their long-running superlatives segment and add in the presence of some real life NFL stars. Peyton Manning, Joe Haden and many others sit in on The Tonight Show to read off their beginning of the season superlatives. Some of them were right on the mark.

Some of these "Most Likely To" Superlatives were hilarious. Some of the standouts were:

Andy Dalton: Most Likely to be the lovechild of Ed Sheeran and the Firefox Logo

Drew Brees: Most Likely To be the dad dancing way too hard at a Taylor Swift concert

Nick Mangold: Most Likely To call his junk "Mangold's Man gold."

Pretty damn funny stuff there. Catch the rest of the superlatives in the video above. Which was your favorite "most likely to" in the video above?

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