Pick Em: Weekly NFL Game Picks

Good news everyone: The NFL is underway this Sunday with a full slate of games!

For my fantasy football and pick em' gurus, I have listed each matchup Sunday and who I predict to win. Checkout the rest of the card below and let me know who you think will come out on top in the games as well!

Colts vs. Bills

The Bills have made alot of additions in the off-season to an already solid team. Nabbing LeSean McCoy from the Eagles will reap a fruitful harvest for the team as the season progresses.

Andrew Luck and the Colts fell just short in the AFC Championship game last year and with the additions of Andre Johnson and Frank Gore, people have the Colts as a favorite for a run at a championship this year.

An early season battle between two of the best teams in the league.

Winner: Colts

The Browns didn't do much to improve their team in the off-season, if anything, the regressed this year in regards to player additions.

The Jets improved their secondary by adding D.Revis and added a top 10 wide out in Brandon Marshall. This will be a physical game for sure, but I don't think the Browns have the weapons to win this one.

Winner: Jets

Panthers vs. Jaguars

The Jags made some solid moves in the off-season by adding Julius Thomas at Tight end. Jacksonville will take steps forward this year for sure, but I'm not sure if they have what it takes to beat Carolina in this one.

Cam Newton, even without Kelvin Benjamin at wideout is too dynamic for this team.

Winner: Panthers

Chiefs vs. Texans

Houston has a strong defense but will be playing this game without their star running back Arian Foster, who is on the shelf with a groin injury.

If Alex Smith can make a couple big throws, (which I think he can) it will keep Houston balanced and allow Jamaal Charles to dominate in the running game.

Winner: Chiefs

Seahawks vs. Rams

The Rams are much improved across the board. They have added Nick Foles at quarterback and Gurley at running back has a chance to win Rookie of the Year for St. Louis.

Sadly, the first game of the season they play a dynamic team on both sides of the ball in Seattle. This game will be MUCH better the second time they meet later in the season.

Winner: Seattle

Saints vs. Arizona

Arizona was a favorite by many mid-season to go all of the way, but they broke down in the second half of the season.

The Saints may have lost Jimmy Graham in the off-season, but they still have one the best quarterbacks in the league in Drew Brees. The wizard will put forth an epic performance in this one.

Winner: Saints

Bengals vs. Raiders

This one could really go either way. Oakland had an AMAZING off-season last year and continue to build around their solid young core. Last night they added pro-bowl linebacker Aldon Smith to their roster. This team may have the pash rush needed to attack teams this year. With that being said, A.J. Green is unstoppable at wide out, and he could have a career day against this secondary.

Winner: Bengals

Giants vs. Cowboys

The Giants can't stop a nosebleed out there on defense, and the Boys are relentless on offense. This should be a high scoring battle, but the Cowboys will make more big plays in this one.

Winner: Dallas

Packers vs. Bears

Green Bay suffered a huge loss in the pre-season with Jordy Nelson going down with a torn ACL, but even without him the Pack have the best team in the division.

Aaron Rodgers is one of the to 3 quarterbacks in the NFL and Randall Cobb could have a career year at wide out this year on the edge. The dynamic duo will carve Chicago with ease in week one.

Winner: Green Bay

Miami vs. Washington

This one will be closer than what people think. Miami was horrible in the second half of the season on defense, and looked to solve that problem by adding the leagues best defensive lineman in N.Suh. With that being said, he's upfront. Who's stopping people deep?

Washington has very capable weapons outside for sure in Garcon and Jackson, so they will put up some points. Luckily for Miami, the Redskins aren't defensive stalwarts either, so they will have their way as well. Both of these teams will get better as they go along.

Winner: Miami

Will the real San Diego Chargers please stand up?

The Chargers are on the hardest teams to predict, as you never know what team will show up. They have the talent, but their focus swings from week to week.

I think it's a safer bet to go with the Lions, who have one of the most prolific one-two combos in the NFL between Stafford and Johnson.

Winner: Lions

The Bucs could be the most improved team in the NFL with the addition of Jameis Winston at quarterback. The team has two stellar wide outs in Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson, with a strong running back in Doug Martin.

The Titans have a nice young unit that will get better as the season progresses, but the skilled unit of the Bucs may be too much for them in the opener.

Winner: Bucs

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