bts dating game pt5 results

ok you know your with you know how you meet what house you own and how you celebrated know let's found out what happed next

door #1 you got married

door #2 pregnant

door #3 break up (sorry)

door #4 married and pregnant

door #5 staying as friends

door #6 you cheated on him with j-hope

door #7 he turned out to be gay (sorry)

hope y'all got your ending I couldn't think of anything so put the first thing in mind lol hope you like I might do this again not sure yet@AimeeH@Shadowjhope1719@DeniseiaGardner@B1A4BTS5ever@caitlind9898@CrystalBlunt@JessicaChaney@Sisicup@CheyenneJessee@ElizabethT@shanikqas

hope you guys liked it leave comments of what you want next bye ♡♡♡♡

ultimate bias is v from bts but still love gd from big bang
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