Five Amazing OPI Nail Polishes To Ever Hit The Shelves

There's nothing quite like a good manicure.

If you happen to be a nail nerd like myself than you know the struggling of hoarding way too many polishes you probably won't ever get a chance to wear.

China GlazeOPIEssie

Taupe-Less BeachVampire is Bufffrom your favorite new to the brightest red

Bubble Bath

It's the next best thing to an actual bubble bath. This soft pink is the perfect neutral shade for a minimalist, simple look. It's just enough and extremely feminine. Great for bridal parties -- and of course, every single woman in the world.

You Don't Know Jacques!

If you love a taupe-y nude, this color is the one for you. The perfect neutral shade to showcase on your nails just in time for the fall.

Big Apple Red

If the name doesn't draw you in, the rich red color should do the trick.

Black Onyx

Everyone loves a good black polish. It doesn't get much blacker than this polish. If you're feeling edgy, this color is perfect.

Lincoln Park After Dark

If you aren't familiar with this ever so popular OPI shade, I urge you to get familiar. It is the perfect vampy shade we all happen to love.


Leave it up to OPI to follow through.

Anyone else ready for a fresh manicure?

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