Underrated Kpop Boybands

Here's just some underrated groups that I thought you should take a look at. (FYI it might be a long list!) Also, some boy bands that I am posting about might have disbanded I don't know for sure. Also, these are just the music videos, they may or may not have other songs outside of their mvs. Please check out their other songs as well.

LEGEND - Left Out - Lost - I Wanna Know - Trace - Shadow

BIGSTAR - Moonlight Sonata - Hot Boy - Thinking of You - I Got The Feeling - Run&Run They're not mostly known due to the fact that they were promoting in Japan for 2 years

24K - Hey You - U R So Cute - Hurry UP

History - Might Just Die - Psycho - Tell Me Love - Dreamer - What Am I To You

BTL - Too-G

Alphabat - Tantara - AB City

MADTOWN - YOLO - New World

Beat Win - Stalker - Illusion


K-Much - December 24

Halo - Fever - Come On Now - Surprise

Pure - I Still Love You

MR.MR - Do You Feel Me - Out - Waiting For You - Big Man - Who's That Girl

Hopefully this wasn't too long lolol! But enjoy them! Some songs may not be your taste but someone will be lol. Thanks for watching and reading this post PEACE!!!!(insert J-hope)

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