5 Reasons You Must Cover Your Space With Cacti

This might be a totally strange concept, but Cacti are your friends! This succulent is showing up all over the internet, and for good reason. Hipsters rejoice! You will be on the cutting edge of home decor, because the Cactus is the best plant ever.

And here's why.

1. They're low maintenance.

I KILL EVERYTHING I TOUCH. Does that sound like you? Fear not, with these little suckers you'll look like you've got the greenest thumb around.

2. They look awesome potted together.

Some plants have to have their own pots, which can get expensive and irritating. With these, you can buy big bouquets and create a really pretty arrangement without all the hassle.

3. They add some edge.

I mean come on, it's prickly, only grows in the desert and is totally strange. It's going to add some edge to your space.

4. Cacti can be colorful, and color boosts mood.

Surrounding yourself with colors you like is proven to boost your mood. So pick out some vibrant succulents to pepper your space. It'll make you really happy.

5. Cacti are just mad cool.

Can you think of a better plant? Like...honestly. It's super weird, totally off-center and speaks to people who go off the beaten path. They can grow forever and they're tough as nails, just like you! They can exist in any element, and get through anything. So they're kind of inspirational.

If this doesn't inspire you to get a Cactus...I'm not sure what will!

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