100 Thimbles in a Box The Spirit & Beauty of Korean Handicrafts

*Table of Contents*

Chapter 1

Historical and Religious Foundations of Korean Art

Chapter 2

Symbols in Korean Art

Chapter 3

Ceramics and Clay – Celedon, Stoneware, White Porcelain, Earthenware Pots, Roof Tiles, Walls, and Chimneys

Chapter 4

Fiber – Thimbles, Embroidery, Ornamental Knotting, Gold Leaf, Wrapping Cloths, and Traditional Costume and Accessories

Chapter 5

Paper – Mulberry Paper, Hanji, Fans, Kites, and Lanterns

Chapter 6

Inlay – Metal Inlay, Mother of Pearl Inlay, and Ox Horn Decoration

Chapter 7

Metal – Furniture Brasses, Bells, and Shilla Gold

Chapter 8

Wood – Masks, Drums, Totem Poles, Rice cake Stamps and Molds, Wedding Geese, Funerary Figures, Temple Doors, Chests, Doors, and Windows

Chapter 9

Painting – Folk Paintings, Ten Longevity Symbols Paintings, Sun, Moon & Five Peaks Paintings; Character Paintings; Scholar’s Study Paintings; Foldings Screens; Genre Paintings; Literati Paintings; Documentary Paintings; and Architectural Painting

Chapter 10

Handicrafts in Korea Today – Living National Treasures and Contemporary Artists and Craftsmen

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