Lovely Nabi Pt.2

After lunch had ended Nabi went to the back to change out of her work clothes. Half way through changing she leaned against the lockers and sighed. How was she ever going to answer J-hope and not give herself away. She nodded to herself as she decided she would just lie and pick someone that wasn't the one she actually liked so she wouldn't get flustered and give herself away. She took her hair out of its braid before fitting her beanie on her head. Checking herself one last time she gave herself determination to answer smoothly. She made her way through the café and out the front door where all the boys were w waiting on her. “So you ready to answer?” J-hope questioned moving next to her and putting an arm around her shoulders. “Not so fast grease ball.” This time it was Suga who came to her rescue moving J-hope’s arm like it was the plague. She always thought Suga was such an odd thing for him to have decided on. She preferred Yoongi, his real name. “Uh….thanks.” She smiled over at him trying not to smile to big. She couldn’t have them finding out so fast. She feared they would never come back to the café and she would be left feeling empty. She felt fingers wrap around her wrist that snapped her out of her own thoughts. It was Suga's hand and he was nodding in the direction the others were already heading. Surprised she quickly followed behind him not minding his hand on her wrist. She followed them all the way to their little hang out spot where they had a bon fire pit and odd chairs around it along with what looked like a movie projector. Namjoon motioned for her to sit down on the middle of what was once the pack seat of a car. It was surprisingly really comfortable and she let herself stretch out a bit. Namjoon sat on one side of her and Jin on the other, the others taking a seat in the other chairs. “Welcome to our home.” Namjoon said opening his arms to the small area between buildings. It wasn’t much and it was pretty run down but it was a quiet spot no one else knew about where they could hang out and have fun. “So which one of us is it?” J-hope just had to ruin it and his eagerness got rewarded with hits from the other members. “What this is as private as one can get why can’t I know?” “You can’t just ask things like that to a girl idiot.” Jin stated flatly. “No its fine I’m sure you’ve all been in suspense the whole time you’ve waited.” Nabi said wanting to get it over with. J-hope perked up almost instantly waiting for her answer. “Its Jimin.” “That’s no fair he already has a girlfriend.” J-hope said in complete defeat. Jimin who was a bit more muscular than the others with a squishy cute face just smiled at her. “Exactly.” Nabi said already having rehearsed this in her head. “There is a reason he has a girlfriend and you guys don’t. So step it up.” She was hoping that her blunt statement would ward off any further questions and she was right.

I am a young Chef trying to make my way in the world. I am inspired by music, mostly kpop, and love finding new things.
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