It's not WHERE a man touches his woman as much as HOW he touches her that makes her feel safe. It's not HOW he touches her as WHY he's touching her that causes her to open. It's not WHY he's touching her as much as WHO he has chosen to be and how he has chosen to live in the moments, hours, days and weeks leading up to that touch. It's not his TOUCH that matters as much as the energy of his INTENT. And when all of these are aligned it's not even a touch needed to make her shudder, but a word, a breath or even just his gaze. This is not a dream, a myth or an impossibly romantic fantasy - it is the potential inherent in every man. It requires that he dare to own and live the magnificence of his potential, to show up in the world with the courage to fulfill his responsibilities, keep his word, overcome challenges and abandon his excuses. There is no METHOD that conquers the world, it's the CHOICE to fulfill one's potential. And there is no TECHNIQUE that makes a woman lose all her inhibitions, it's the ENERGY of his intention. This kind of man is attracted to a specific kind of woman, one with strong boundaries, high standards and who is also in pursuit of her highest potential. Discover a community supporting this intention - Graham R White

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