K-Pop Stars go to the army...get over it....

Many of our favorite Korean bands or groups have ended up going into service. GET OVER IT! It's not the end of the world. This is apart of their countries civil duties.

Kim Soo Hyun plans to say goodbye to his fans through his upcoming summer K-Drama 'Producer' before he officially enlists later this year.

One of my personal favourites!

Lee Seung Gi will be making his heartfelt farewell to both his fans and current girlfriend Girls' Generation YoonA with his April/May comeback

Remember those rumors regarding SHINee's comeback? Well, they were false. SHINee won't be coming back for a while as Key will be enlisting very soon.

Zelo's previous announcement that he would be releasing a special song for the fans was actually related to his upcoming enlistment. Insiders say that the song will pay an homage to the military anthem "I'll Make a Man Out of You" to get Zelo and fans pumped up for the occasion.

G-Dragon is next on the list. Reports say that the fashionista is embracing the enlistment with open arms as he figures out different ways to rock camouflage.

Despite 2PM's upcoming summer comeback, it has been announced that Wooyoung will likely not be able to join the rest of the members. Sorry to ruin the 2PM party for ya HOTTESTs.

Henry has apparently volunteered as tribute. Reports say he enjoyed his military experience on 'Real Men' so much, he would like to return to that lifestyle. Good for you, Henry! You go, Henry!

Hyungsik will be following Henry's footsteps as a fellow, former 'Real Men' cast member. Whether he chose to join voluntarily or not is still unknown.

"Call Me Baby" will actually be Chanyeol's last EXO comeback before he enlists in the military and disappears for two years.

SORRY BUT ALL OF EXO....Yeah, sorry guys. I was trying to break this news slowly to you but... yeah.

Surprising news! The military will also start applying the mandatory service to the women of Korea as well! The first Korean female celebrity they will be recruiting is none other than Girl's Day's Hyeri, who impressed with her hard work ethic and determined spirit.

Don't worry, Hyeri won't be the only girl joining in on the military fun! A Pink's Bomi has also been selected and will be enlisting this year. Now, she and Hyeri can have an official showdown and determine once and for all which girl group's picture deserves to have the coveted spot on the water cooler.

Meanwhile, Amber will be watching the drama like, "Uhhhh, so where that cute instructor be."

Last, but not least, Yunho will be making a beeline for the military so that he can finally be reunited with his love Jaejoong. Yunjae is love, Yunjae is life.


Thank you@allkpop for posting this article WAAAYYYY back in April in order to prepare us for such shenanigans. Ladies, truly, this is not the end of KPOP or our favorite boy groups. They will always love us and come back. Heck, even SEVEN came back under his own name after the military! Shinhwa has made numerous come backs after their time away with Shinhwa Broadcast and various new albums. Our boys will never quit in us until they have to.


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