Dahlia Craze For Weddings

Anyone else notice the fascinating floral trend happening this year for weddings? Dahlias are everywhere! I first began noticing them in March of this year. Then again in April. Summer saw a bounty of these beauties, as expected, but it didn't stop there! We're already in mid-September and the dahlia craze doesn't show any signs of stopping!

The bushy perennial favorite among gardeners, the tuber comes in every shade of the rainbow and more than a dozen styles, including:

- Cactus

- Peony

- Ball

- Double crown

- Lily

- Anemone

Dahlias are extremely hardy, forgiving and can measure up to 12 inches in diameter, called Dinner Plate Dahlias. With the Boho style wedding so popular, it's no wonder the flower-of-the-field, Dahlia is so on trend right now.

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