OMG! Mouthwatering Chocolate Desserts

Why did I do this to myself before lunchtime.

#1 That drizzle thoooo.

#2 YUM

#3 Someone take me back to France, so I can eat my weigh in pain au chocolats!!!

#4 Slutty brownie sundae?! Yes please <3

To find out what a slutty brownie is, click here!

#5 Frozen banana pops dipped in chocolate, peanuts and pretzel... OMG. I think I'm dying.


#7 More brownies surrounding Oreos... sorry, I just really like Oreos okay?!

#8 Little chocolate donuts with caramel centers?? So cute!!

#9 How did they get those drips so perfectttt


#11 Unnghh OMG cookie dough bites... this is all I want in life

#12 Chocolate caramel macarons... yep, I'm dead. Dead of chocolate cravings.


I'm with this little girl!!!

I admit, my dessert selection was totally based on my own tastes... so to make this more fun, I challenge ANYONE in the Food Community to make a more mouthwatering chocolate card than me! >:D We can call it... the Chocolate Challenge! :D

See if you can make a better chocolate dessert card and make us drool harder... and be sure to tag me :)

Oh, and which chocolatey dessert would you most like to eat right now??

Think positive, love food, be happy :)
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