Photographer Captures The Everyday Lives Of Stormtroopers

Whether you're an Original Trilogy snob or a full-on series loyalist, most 'Star Wars' fans can agree that the movies don't really give you a lot of insight into the private lives of Stormtroopers, the elite military fighting to defend the 'Dark Side' of the Force.

Sure, we know they work for the Empire, but what are their dreams? What makes them laugh, what makes them cry, and how do they unwind when they're not trying to shoot down the rebel forces with their nifty laser guns? (With horrible accuracy, might I add.)

Spanish photographer Jorge Perez Higuera

"The daily routine is every man's life. There is no such man, regardless of his 'insubstantiality', who can merely live the daily routine, although it would mainly absorb him. The daily routine is the life of the man who is complete."

Yeah, this just got deep.

The photography series, which Higuera began in 2012, celebrates the Stormtrooper's daily routine, where he does anything from his taxes and going to watch a movie to using a urinal. He even makes a point to celebrate his birthday. Even if it's alone.

(Cue the sad trombone.)

In an interview earlier this year, Higuera added:

"I chose Stormtroopers for several reasons. First of all, the movies were made in the late 70s, late 90s, and now they are coming back again, so they have the capacity to be liked by several generations. Moreover, the Stormtroopers have become a pop icon that we are all familiar with and that is why I think we can identify ourselves with them in some of my photographs."

Higuera intends on continuing to add to the series until the 'Episode VII' movie release at the end of the year.

I can't be the only one who's interested to see where Higuera will be taking these multifaceted clones of Jango Fett next.

"Life is demanding without understanding."
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