The Song You Need to Listen to When You Fall for Your Best Friend

We've all been in that situation where you find yourself attracted to your best friend. But every time you thought about making a move or letting them know how you feel, it seems like they're in a relationship or just getting out of one (meaning they're emotionally unavailable).

You Won't's song Who Knew? perfectly describes this feeling. Every verse starts with a "what if..." sort of situation and those kind of thoughts circled my head when I went through this exact situation myself (at times, it seems like I'm constantly living through this). Even though it's a hard feeling to shake, listening to this song is a good way to feel less alone about your troubling situation.

Notable Lyrics:

If I was a hundred and three, I would share all my boring stories, with you. But you caught me too soon, now, darling what can I do, now. All along I did what I could, but you tell me my timings no good. Who knew?

i did all that i could.
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