30 Day Vixx Challenge... Day 14

Sooo I'm late again but I am going to do today's card right after this one so I don't forget Lol, so day 14 was list your favorite five songs and why.... again I am not good at explaining myself but I will try *^▁^*


As I stated in my previous card error was my first song and was very emotional for me so it has a special place in my heart. 💗

Beautiful Liar

This song became one of my all time favorites from the moment it came out, one bc the lyrics are awesome, two bc the vocals are amazing and three bc both my Vixx bias sung and produced it *^▁^*

Love Letter

My baby Ravi shows off those vocals, it's a small part but I like that if he wanted to he could sing a softer verse, that and I love the lyrics for the song

대어나줘서 고마워

All I can say is I love the lyrics and the vocals and it's such a beautiful song


I like Hyde bc of the lyrics mostly and the video concept really brought it up on my list especially with the choreo

Ugh choosing these are so hard bc I love Vixx so I love all their music, but I guess there will always be songs you love more than others Lol, so Yea hope you enjoyed, until nxt time (in like an hour, or two, or five) 。^‿^。💗

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