For new BTS fans

Made for@MinionPeach17 or any new people who want to know how to tell members apart.

Rap mon: aka leader Rap mom has big lips and his hair is not really like the others also he is the tallest of the group and you can tell!!

Jhope has a thinner face , but his check bones are higher than the other members and his nose is longer too (not a bad thing)!!! And his eyes are huge!!! Love them!

Kookie: has a baby face yet somehow he looks like he can be tough at the same time if that makes since.

Jin is really tall with some really broad shoulders I mean he's ripped!!! And hes hot lol ;)

Suga has a smaller body type and I'm not just talking about height , he looks smaller but he has swag lol

Omg and Jimin has some nice ass legs They are thick and his calves yasss !! Lol sorry to be pervy there

V has a pretty boy face , his face is nice (he does has some ears on him though!!) he is pretty slender too. Also his eyes are so dark it's beautiful

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