Through a cat's eyes

My human came back today, I wondered where he went for so long. It seems like I'd never see him again, the human that calls herself Mom kept saying his name. I guess that's why, now I know what's going on. I'm happy to see him even though he's upset. Whenever he came in he picked each of us up and "kisses" us. I don't like his kisses much but he doesn't mean any harm. Today was no different he came smiling big at us. He wasn't happy though I could tell he wanted to cry. My human wasn't in pain but I couldn't see any injuries. Where was he hurt? When he picked up my baby he started to leak water from his eyes, he called it crying. That was only the beginning of his tears and the ones I wish I could shed. A little while past and he didn't get any better. He still cried inside but outside he was talking on the phone and smiling. I wonder if my human is broken. I mean he's acted like this my whole life. No other human acts like he does, he's loving but he's in pain too. One day they put us in this big box my real Mom ran away the night before. Human Mom was trying to get me inside, I didn't like this bright box so I banged out. I saw what really happened though my human looked at me with compassion and opened it. Jumping out I ran into hiding so they couldn't catch me. They took the big box out and my human came back in later that night. He was talking and crying I didn't understand him, part of me knew my family was gone. What happened to them? Were they killed? Was I the lucky one to escape? After a while he turned on some music, it was loud and it sounded painful. Then he started crying loudly and tried not to scream. Was my human dying? He kept looking at me we exchanged looks a lot. I mostly looked outside though hoping my family would return. Then he had something that shone against the moonlight. Sliding it across his arm a few times red liquid came out. His loud crying quieted after some as he coughed and called someone. He said my name a few times and looked at me some more. Time passed, we left that place and my family behind. Now I live with my human I got used to it after a little while. He's not so bad but he still hurts a lot. I watch him cry and hear him make painful noises. He doesn't bother smiling anymore he just cries and leaves me. Sometimes when he comes back he has white stuff on his skin. That's how I know he used the shiny thing against his arm. I sense his pain, it lessens some when he does it. I lost my family but this human's existence is much more painful. I mean its constant pain for him and the way we understand each other. We're both in pain maybe that's what he tries to tell me whenever he talks. A little longer passes and my human seems to be getting better. He still slides the shiney on his arm, but he smiles more. His smile doesn't have so much pain behind it. My human seems to talk to this other human a lot he must like her. He smiles with her all the time, and it's always a genuine smile too not one that he just hides with. Then one night he picked me up and I saw the famous human. I had heard her say my name a few times before, and I like the way she sounded. When I saw her I liked her even more for a couple reasons. She genuinely likes my human a lot and I could tell. They call it love. Maybe that's why my human smiles so much. She also made my human's pain stop. Now we live happily together, me, my human, and the human whose far away. I wonder if she'll hold me like he does?

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