VIXX 30 Day Challenge

Ok. So I'm going to do the next 7 cards back-to-back so I can get myself caught up. That also means that I probably won't go into details about why I picked the pics/gifs that I did. I will for some of them though. Here we go!

Post 10 pics/gifs of VIXX.

That first one is just adorable... And I find myself trying to figure out what N, Hyuk, and Leo are thinking. :-D

I love how close they are. I'm not really sure where Hongbin is looking, though. :-D And I think this is one of their most recent pics.

These are both two of my favorites out of all the VIXX pics that I have. I see so many ships sailing! I remember when the first one was posted. I freaked out. Loudly at that. The second one is a screenshot of an episode of VIXX TV2. Episode 1 I believe. When I accidentally paused it on this I just HAD to save it.

This one will always have a special place in my heart because this pic is one that they took right after their Orlando Showcase that I attended! Me and my best friend were on our way home when this was posted. And since videography and photography were prohibited during the concert, I felt that I needed to save this one to help me remember it. And of course they all look so good!


I really just love to watching them dance!! ❤


I love VIXX so much! Everything about them draws me in and has held me captive since day 1. I want to be in the middle of that hug!

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