FOUR MORE DAYS to Win $50 Worth Of Your Favorite Snack!

This is Dani, the moderator of the Funny Community, here to remind you that there are only FOUR MORE DAYS to post your card for the Vingle Hunger Games!

the official announcement here

Check them out, and while you're there, give them a 'like' to boost their chances of winning the big prize of $50 USD of their favorite snack:

Notgucci3's "Sweet Sweet Pocky" Poem

MinionPeach17's "My Favorite Snack" Nutella Poem

InPlainSight's "An Ode To Vegemite" Poem

KpopGaby's "Favorite Snack" Takis Poem

VixenViVi's "Pocky 사랑해요! My Favorite Snack!" Poem


Want to take a stab at winning?

Here's what you've got to do:

Create a card


3) Publish it in the Funny Community.

Tips To Help You Get Points:

Make sure to use the @ tagging feature to make sure they see your entry

a funny main picture

If you have any more questions about the contest (or just Vingle in general!), feel free to send me a direct message, and I'll hit you back as soon as possible.

Good luck!

And once again - may the Cheetos be ever in your favor.

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