Twins, Twists, and Too Many Venoms


The Marvel Story game was so much fun!

this awesome story

[No sneepers were harmed in the making of this game].

@buddyesd oh course you would think of that!

@AimeeH knows you have to look cool to fight crime!

@buddyesd threw in a good twist!

@VinMcCarthy knows what's up!

Props to@buddyesd for bringing in one of our favorite characters!

"They struggle for hours! It looks like Wanda and the Silver Surfer have got the drop on Venom...."

Oh no!

@buddyesd is gonna save the day!

@VinMcCarthy thank you for reminding us that there are people whose job it is to deal with these things.

@buddyesd ended it! Because we all know by now that Nick Fury's arrival means it's the end of the story!


This was so much fun everybody!

Thank you so much again for doing this with me ^_^

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