Would You Drink Alcohol That Tastes Like Unicorn Tears?

Ever want to get 'turnt' on the tears of a popular mythical creature?

Well, look no further!

There's officially a new gin liqueur infused with the sweet, satisfying flavor of pure unicorn tears!

Fireboxthe heap of 100% edible flakes of REAL SILVER in each bottle


According to some lucky food reviewers who have been able to get their hands on a bottle, the liqueur has notes of "oranges, berries, maple syrup, and a hint of spice".

As for the price? For roughly $61.39 a bottle, one food critic noted:

"[That] can only be attributable to the fact that it is actual, real, joyful unicorns that cried these tears, right?"

Well, if you ask my Magic 8-Ball:

So what do you guys think about Unicorn Tears liqueur? Would you dare try it, or do you think it's a huge waste of money?

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