The Plaza Hotel - Decked Out

One of the most elegant hotel ballrooms in the US, The Plaza in New York has hosted everything under the sun in its "Grand Ballroom."

This stunning photo comes from Floralia Decorators, as you can see, who created the look of this event. Lighting is by Bentley Meeker, which photography by Fred Marcus Studio.

What I love about this image is how absolutely grand everything looks without being ill-proportioned. The visuals are so timely with the turning of leaves shortly and the change of seasons.

The towering centerpieces hold up well against the gilded architectural details of the ballroom itself. I've said this before, let your venue do the work for you, in terms of look and visuals. Historic rooms like the Grand Ballroom is already steeped in beautiful architecture, there is little need for "decor." However, if you're in a paint-by-number boring conference room, then your decor budget is going to swell to cover the boring-ness of the venue.

Hope this helps you in the way you choose your venue.

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