Seattle Seahawks DJ Won’t Play Future Songs When Ciara Is Around

The beef between Future and Ciara is putting people in tough situations as each persons camps are forcing people to draw a line in the sand to know where they stand.

Wilson, who is dating Future’s baby’s mama Ciara, felt the wrath of #FutureHive and the ripper, who is riding an amazing hot streak, responded with “don’t direct my tweets to know [sic] punk ass hoe.”

According to members of the Seattle Seahawks camp, pressure is building in the sports world as well over the Ciara-Future situation.


Seattle Seahawks in-house selector, DJ DV One is one person who knows both parties who feels the pressure from all angles in this situation.

DJ DV One has mentioned that players constantly request Future songs but he feels uncomfortable playing any songs from the MC’s catalog when either Russell Wilson or Ciara is around.

. If they ask me to play ‘Commas’ or ‘Trap Niggas’ or any of this type of shit, I’m playing that all day. It’s a weird balance — how do I play this and feel comfortable?”

Tough times at the work place apparently.


putting forth the best product for the fans at all times.

Don't let personal relationships sway the choices you make in the work place. As hard as it is to keep the two separate, he must do so to do his job accordingly. I mean, what good is a DJ who refuses to play hits?

If you were DJ DV, what would you do?

Christian is a member of the SNICK generation who misses the days of Pete and Pete and is a loyal advocate of backpack rap.
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