Being a rock

When your a rock no one sees you cry. That's part of being a rock no emotions But becoming a rock doesn't take them away. You still cry You still smile You still hurt Just no one sees them now They can't because then you wouldn't be a rock You'd be like them and then who would they turn to As a rock all your problems are ignored Especially if you don't trust anyone With anyone you trust you out their needs ahead of yours Any problems or issues you have are out on the back burner A lot of times you bottle it up and ignore it Then once it gets full you have to let it out Unfortunately no one knows that rocks are still human They cry They bleed They laugh They can die Rocks just don't show it Everything is done alone behind closed doors Where no one can see or hear you That's what it's like to be a rock In front of people your strong Nothing can break you When your alone its different You crumple into dust Then you build yourself up again before someone sees After all you are a rock and its what you have to do

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