Day 17: My First Impression of Each Member

This is another one of those questions that is making me wonder "why did I include this? Why did I think this was a good idea to put in the challenge?"

But here we are. Here. We. Are.

And so! My first impressions of each member, as much as I can remember what they were (because it was a really long time ago, and my memory is really bad).


"He talks SOOOO MUCH"

If you haven't noticed, I talk a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And I ramble a lot. And I think that's why I loved N from the first time I realized just how much he talks!!!


"He's. So. Quiet"

This is the kind of thing I get jokingly judgmental about fans saying now (because talks now!!), but way back when I found VIXX, I couldn't get to know Leo because he really didn't talk much!! So how was I supposed to get past that to get to know him? Don't worry, I know him really well now :)


"He's so goofy????"

Everytime I watched the early VIXX TV episodes and Mydol when I was getting to know VIXX, Kens' goofiness was the first thing I knew about him!


"Woah, he's great at dancing!"

When I first watched the Super Hero MV and stages and then saw them at the Q&A, Ravi was always dancing or posing or something, so he stuck out in my mind as the dancer!


"Bias bias bias cute cute cute bias bias bias"

To be honest, when I first saw VIXX, I just had that one minded "let me watch Hongbin all the time" feeling that you get when you think someone is your bias. He kind of was. He kind of is.


"He's such a cute little...person...."

I hate to admit it but looking at Hyuk in Super Hero and Mydol was like....idk!!! I just kept thinking about how YOUNG he was. I really didn't pay much attention to him beyond that, because I just thought of him as a child (sorry Hyuk!!!)

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