French Phrase of the Day: When you're having a really great day!

The sun is shining, you're in Paris, and the day could not possibly be more perfect. You feel a surge of happiness in your chest, as you breathe in and consider how wonderful life is at this moment. You know what you say?

"J'ai la pêche!"

avoir la pêcheto be in high spiritsto be in an awesome mood

Let's break it down!



la pêche

So altogether now:

J'ai la pêche! Pronounced: "Zhay la pesh!"

"Tu as la pêche ce matin!"

What else do you want to learn in French?

Any requests for more French phrases?

I hope you guys enjoy! :) Thanks for following my FPotD / Beginner French collections! :D I do it all for you guys <3

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