Are You Serious: Jay Park Under Fire For Using The Forbidden Finger & Apologizes

On February 3rd, Jay Park uploaded this photo via Instagram and tweeted: "Cheesin like a winner~ carefree" There was some controversy in the Korean media after his photo began to spread, offending some netizens. A day after the photo was shared to the public, he wrote an apology, saying, “Sorry. I’ll be more careful as a public figure.” An hour after that, he wrote a longer apology, Anyway, I can’t satisfy everyone 100%~ Whether it’s my family, my label, my fans, or even myself~ Everyone has different opinions and different standings~ There is no answer, no matter what articles say~ If you hate me or love me, I’m thankful for the interest~ I’ll smile even if you curse me out~! I just want to have good music, put on a good performance, and be a good artist. I want to make a situation where I can care for and help the people I love~ If you were offended, I’m sorry~ I’ll put more thought into things from now on~! I’m going to work hard on my album keke ^_^ Do you think the photo was offensive? I surely don't!

I'm an American student currently living in Korea. I love pretty much everything Korean, and want to share that love with you!
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