{TT} Villain of the Year Vegeta

V is for...... VEGETA

So I don't even know at this point if Vegeta would be classified as more of a Villain or a Hero, so im leaving that for you guys to decide


What I do know is that he's definitely one of my favorite anime characters ever :P


The Prince of a Saiyans aka Vegeta is just a great character.

Personally I really like his arrogance that never seems to fail to get the "Z Fighters" in more trouble than they were originally in.

(Let's be real a few battles could've been alot easier if Vegeta arrogance didn't get in the way. But I'm happy that it did because it did bring forth some epic fights)

The battles he has with his "Frienemy" Goku or shall I say "Kakorat" are really amusing. Especially when later on Vegeta will need to ask Goku for help to avenge him

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