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No pics No any lines. Today I just wanna let you know my history. Hummm. Do you tell your partner the uncomfortable truth? Do you think is it possible to be a friend with your ex? and If it gonna make it out, are you sure is there nothing between you two? I saw Sex and the city 2 on the treadmill. Yes SATC is back to my Vingle. Anyway, Carrie and Aidan met up in the very exotic Abu Dhabi market without any prior notice. They had a causal dinner together and kissed. Right after that, they were surprised and double shocked! As soon as back to hotel to tell girls all sudden happening, Carrie was confused. Then, She called Mr.big tell the truth that happened there last night. And they got off the phone and kept ice untill Carrie's return. Back to my world, it's perfectly same with my situation. I told my boyfriend and we broke up. I don't know why I did it in my trip. It was accident and I was deeply regret that I did such a bad mistake. At that moment, he was incredibly mad but now, he say BE A GOOD FRIEND. My friend said I'm the stupidest bitch and Never kiss with the tanned stranger. Moreover, not tell everything which make him hurt. I knew the disaster is from me. Then, What is next problem between us? How can be a friend with ex even he was supper hotttt?

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