[Flower boy next door] LIVE RECAP EP11

It airs 11 pm on Monday& Tuesday! exactly on 11th of February !! hehehe keep following me everyone ^.^ See you then bye bye *Vietnamese live recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/107804 Let's start ^.^ JL is excited that DM asks a date with him 'Van gogh exhibition' On the other hand, KK gets disappointed even he travels in Seoul. and all of sudden..he got the car accident.. When she watched the painting by Van Gogh, KK is following her..(We know this is her imagination) JL is trying to hold her hands... DM: Do you know the last word that Van gogh said to his younger brother? JL : I want to hold your hands... (Hupp..he says in real) DM: Yes you're right. Handshake... Anyway people around KK is surprised and shocked. They wonder how they let JL and DM know this news. -Van gogh exhibition- DM: i know someone who loves more Gogh's brother than Gogh. He likes him because Theo supported his brother could draw his paintings. JL: i could know him.... He tells his mind to her... JL: when i was young, after i got a big present, something bad happens to me. i know this exhibition is big present for me... is it because of me that you leave here? You conceal behind the room like this? DM feels sorry for him. DM: Would you stay here little more with me? At that time, JL's brother lets her know KK's condition. JL: He is in serious condition. We have to go... -In the hospital- We need one protector..so DM enters the hospital room. DM reminds KK's saying. DM: Why are you coming back? KK: Because of you... DM: i will never throw the dice again. She sees KK in the hospital... Someone lies on the bed..she is not KK. She comes out to the hospital. JL: Is he okay? DM: Yes..he is not serious as we thought. JL: Okay this is the last time that i put you beside him because today is just that day...please be with him. Someone on the bed gets angry with him. Someone : For 5 years, i've never talked with my sone because of your game ! your animation ! i never forgive you. Stop your work! Son: Stop mother! KK: How long did you play computer game? you want to make game like me? How can you make good game even people around you put in poor? Son and mother both take time for self examination. On the other hand. DH and JL, JL get disappointed with DH's plot that the party with their first love. and he says if you say with truth, then visit me. DH is crying. DM comforts KK. DM: There are many people who like your game. Sometimes, people attribute the cause to others because it is easy... KK: Why are you packing? DM: Just put books in order...If you got back..it would not have happened like this..i'm sorry.. JL's brother notifies his resignation. JL's brother ( Maybe he is not real brother...i mean just younger co worker? ) : I will earn money for 3 years..i'm not only child with rich parents. KK and DM discuss about lectures to inform their truth to understand people like son and mother in the hospital. DM talks to herself. : She doesn't believe the destiny...didn't believe the destiny in love. JL visits the director of Webtoon. Before talking, the director shouted about her noddle. JL: Do you wannt tip for love? please say in undertones...then men focus on your words..and then you have to rose perfumes. Plus ! wash your hair. The director realizes wow. JL: Oh the reason that i visited here is the name on the post have to be changed... from me to him. Noways he draws the cartoom more than me. JL's brother prevent him from this The director : Do you fimm the dacumentaryt? You two guys decide it!!!! and then let me know!!!!! After the calling with real estate agent. KK loses his temper. KK: You are the same person with people in the hospital. You changed a lot because of my animation? No you've never changed ! It is because of me..okay i will stop i will leave. take care yourself! DM tells her heart.... DM: When i heard that you go back to Spain, i feel really sad... i have liked you..i wanted to conceal this but i can't... i wish you leave here with previous KK who listened other's heart and bright for everyone. KK: i heard your mind... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :) wow kiss scene wow wow wow ........ SWEET PREVIEW, Do you want?

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