I finally finished editing my TRB Chicago vlog... Almost 2 months after it happened... BUT when I went to post it to YouTube, it said that the video would take something like 900 minutes to upload. That's FIFTEEN HOURS y'all. The wi-fi in my dorm is really bad, so I'm going to wait until I go home in 2 weeks to upload. Since I was already uploading it to Google Drive to share with a friend and I don't want you guys to wait any longer, I'm also posting the link here as a ~~~Snow in Seoul Vingle Exclusive~~~

The parts with speaking and the parts with music have slightly different volumes (it took me 2 months to edit this because of software problems so I sacrificed some fixes, sorry :/) so you might have to change the volume periodically. PLEASE ENJOY MY EXCESSIVE CURSING AND SLIGHTLY INAPPROPRIATE SCREAMING ABOUT BTS. Viewer discretion advised. Some conversation NSFW, please watch with headphones in public.


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