{QQ} All the Pokemans!!1!uno!

Hey Vingler gamers!

Here's the newest installation of the Quick Question challenge! Wooo! This one is broad as hell, because there are like, 500 things to choose from at this point. That's right, you guessed it; we're doing favorite Pokemans! (Pokemon, yes.)

So, what's your favorite Pokemans?

My personal fave is 100% Mew.

Just look at the little dude! (Technically genderless, so I'm using the general 'dude') They're an adorable little thing, all pink and flying and stuff.

But Mew is also super powerful, being that they're the first Pokemon (inconsistencies of Arceus aside). They can learn every move possible to teach, and they are virtually impossible to get. The first games had a absurd way of getting Mew, involving a seriously involved game exploit. Almost nobody had him.

Over the course of the series, Mew has come up as a Nintendo sponsored event, but still retains their rarity for that reason.


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