Esquire's Guide to How A Suit Should Fit

Guys, have you ever wondered if your suit game is on point?

Check out Esquire's handy diagram below. It shows how to tell if the shoulder, jacket closure, and seat of your pants fit correctly. They also provide examples of what too big and too small look like, so take note!

dress to impress their next datelook good in the office!

the perfect modern suit

It has more details than the diagram above, and includes a helpful Cheat Sheet along the righthand side :)

So, here are my takeaways:

nice pair of shoes

fit you well


Good luck being dapper, gents!

If you have any further questions about suit fit, outfit selection, or general men's style tips, be sure to reach out to me or Vingle style gurus@Gavriella and@jordanhamilton!! They are both so great with fashion (been loving your cards, ladies) and I'm sure would be happy to help.

@marshalledgar Do you use a guide like these when you're getting dressed up for weddings?@buddyesd@EddiePozo@paulisaverage@Arellano1052@VinMcCarthy@mchlyang@rodiziketan@InPlainSight@RobertMarsh Any of mah boys, need some tips? Hope this is helpful :D (but for all I know, you're all style experts already... ;) )

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