Day 21: My VIXX Older Brother!

I have a real older brother, so when I first started trying to choose who should be my VIXX older brother, I kept trying to think of who is most similar to him. But then I realized I already HAVE an older brother like him, so I should choose a different kind of older brother.

And VIXX older brother would be....


Who wouldn't want this sweet guy to be part of their family?


Because he's goofy!

I think the best part of having Ken as an older brother would be the fact that he's so GOOFY!! Even if he would kind of be like a Dad making dad-style jokes, I think he'd be fun to have around when my friends came over. And he'd always make family parties fun!

Because he's talented!

Who doesn't want to be able to go support their brother while he's doing something cool? I loved going to my brothers college graduation, and I love watching him complete cool stuff. Watching Ken's musicals as his little sister would be so fun :) Forget the fact that I'm older than him, hahah!!


Because he makes me laugh!!

Whenever I'm in a bad mood or I have a bad mood swing, my brother actually does a good job of cheering me up--he doesn't say much, but he lets me play video games with him.

If I had Ken as a brother, I know he would be there to try to cheer me up and make me laugh, but also to talk about my problems--if I want to! Otherwise, he'd just act silly until I laugh my head off and then we'd be good to go!

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